With just over 3 weeks to go before the 10km, I am struggling to fit any substantial training in and> when I am running I seem to be falling behind.  After Easter I was ill and> went for almost 2 weeks without running, generally I would try and> exercise when feeling under the weather but I was aching and> not really able to, I tried to maintain some activity but running was a no go.

The break sadly really seems to have been detrimental to my training and> I am worried about the run, I feel when I am running that I am putting in more effort and> trying to run quicker but this is not registering on my tracker.  I have checked the distances and> the times and> paces are the same so I am slightly disheartened by my progress.

I am going to try and> do the full 10km again on Sunday and> will see how I am doing, I am hoping I can really push myself over the next couple of weeks and> do myself proud on 20th May!