Well I will admit that I really let go over Easter, there were too many lovely snacks and> treats at work for me to contend with so I had a few days off and> treated myself.  I think it is important not to get extreme with exercise, every now and> again you need a few days off, just make sure you set a time to get back on it and> be strict with it!  I realised mid last week that my heart was not with exercise, so I said to myself get Easter out of the way and> get back to running Easter Monday!

The break/rest did me the world of good and> on Monday I was really motivated and> managed to complete a full 10km without any rest breaks.  It took me an hour and> 5 minutes but I was really happy with being able to complete it.  The weather was atrocious and> I definitely hit the wall but pushed on and> got to the end of it.

This week has been difficult as the run took it out of me but I have taken it easy and> will hopefully be able to push on and> really move my training forward.