There are 7 weeks to go to the big day, the Great Manchester Run, my training is going well but I really need to step it up a gear.  I am currently reaching about 6km in around 40 minutes so would be completing 10km in around 1hr 10 mins, so not only is distance important but so is speed, so this week my focus in increasing distance, on Friday I have the time to do the full 10km, this is likely to include a couple of stops but once I’ve done it once I will have 6 weeks to improve my endurance and> speed.

My running schedule will include one shorter run, around 5km and> during this I will aim to improve my 5km speed, one long distance run (10km or more) and> also a speed session where I will run certain sections of the distance at a quicker pace and> slowly increase this distance, it is sometimes difficult to do speed work without the tools, but use markers on your route, lamp posts are a good one and> sprint/run between 1 or 2 and> then recover, it may mean you are running the same stretch of road but it should help you pick up the pace initially.