This week I have managed to fit in 3 runs, 1 full 5km which took me 32 minutes, at an average pace of 6 mins 29 seconds per km, I did a short run on Wednesday, which was 3km over 25 minutes, this involved running quick short sections followed by a period of recovery walking, running at a pace of around 5minutes 30 per km.

My aim was to then complete a longer run over the weekend, running closer to 10km at a slower pace and> with more stops however I had no time on Saturday and> ended up having an extremely bad day nutrition wise!  I had a lovely 3 course pub lunch and> a pizza for tea, all washed down with numerous glasses of wine and> some popcorn with a Saturday night film.  I decided Sunday Morning, that I did feel like a run but boy did I struggle, I completed 3.5km in 25 minutes but had to stop a couple of times and> struggled with feeling sick and> being unable to breathe at certain points of the run.

I think this goes to show how important it is to be properly fuelled prior to exercise and> in general, the odd treat is life but all to often we find ourselves binge eating/drinking and> undoing any good work we have put in.

My usual diet consists of 3 small meals and> 3 small snacks throughout the day, so I am constantly feeding my metabolism and> do not let myself become starving hungry so I eat badly.  I start the day with Porridge or Cereal with a glass of fruit juice and> a coffee, this is the only caffeine I usually have, (I enjoy it so don’t want to cut it out completely), I would then snack on fruit mid morning, lunch tends to be Jacket Potato, salad and> chicken or ham, possibly beans or sand>wiches with salad.  I have a wheat intolerance so steer clear of bread, pasta and> other wheat products so bread would always be gluten free, afternoon snack again tends to be fruit and> then either before or after the gym I would have a protein shake, then dinner is meat and> vegetables, I don’t eat carbs with most evening meals as I am eating late, this is personally preference as I feel I sleep better without carbs, I don’t follow the theory that eating carbs at night is a bad thing, Calories are calories regardless of when you eat them!

I will go into further detail on optimum nutrition at a later stage.

Next week I want to try and> up the distance on my runs, so am going to aim for at least 6km non stop on one of my runs so will keep you up to date.