As mentioned in my last post I went out for my first run for the past few months on Wednesday 29th March 2012, this went better than I expected and> I am feeling positive about my upcoming challenge.

I completed 4.55km in 30 minutes, at an average pace of 6 minutes 39 seconds per km.  I had a few short walking breaks during this, so my next mini goal is to be able to run 5km without stopping in 30 minutes and> I am hoping to do this within 2 weeks, so the 14th March!

My current exercise regime consists of 5-6 gym sessions a week, including 1 indoor run of at least 5km, fitness classes including – Zumba, Ballet Workout, Body Combat and> Pump and> I do 2 weight sessions so to get me to my mini and> main goal, I will be increasing my running to 3 times a week.  All runs will be outdoors and> I will include varying types of running, intervals to increase my speed/fitness and> longer distance slower runs to build distance.  I will keep going with a number of classes to keep my overall fitness up, and> my weight sessions to keep my strength up.

I will keep you up to date with my running progress and> my other fitness activities.