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My name is Rachel Calter and I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger based in Manchester, UK. This site is my little piece of the internet to share my passion with you. I blog about all things Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle. I hope to inspire people to enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle!

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Personal Trainer Manchester | Rachel Calter

I love my Personal Training sessions! Rachel has supported me from day one with exercises and advice. I am not a lover of the gym but Rachel makes it fun and helped me get into my bridesmaid dress. Client for life!


Rachel is an amazing personal trainer; she has a vast amount of knowledge in her field and applies it specifically to your needs. She pushes you harder than you think you can go!!! She is the only reason I make it to the gym!


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John Lewis Nursery Appointment

If you are anything like me baby shopping feels like a mine field. I thought I had an idea but when I started looking into what we needed I just got so confused. Cots, Moses Baskets, travel systems, swaddling all this just baffled me. So when someone recommended the...

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Stuck in a food rut?

If you are anything like me getting stuck in a food rut can be a common occurrence. Quite often the hubby and I will end up circulating through the same 3 or 4 meals. These may be different from the last time but generally they end up being stir fry, bolognaise,...

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Pregnancy Pampering

You may have seen my previous post about Bali Health Lounge in Manchester, and how much I loved it, if not you can read it here. My Dad did however read my post, and treated myself, my mum and my sister to some gift vouchers for Christmas. At the time I wasn't...

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