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My name is Rachel Calter and> I’m a Personal Trainer and> Fitness Blogger based in Manchester, UK. This site is my little piece of the internet to share my passion with you. I blog about all things Fitness, Nutrition and> Lifestyle. I hope to inspire people to enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle!

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Personal Trainer Manchester | Rachel Calter

I love my Personal Training sessions! Rachel has supported me from day one with exercises and> advice. I am not a lover of the gym but Rachel makes it fun and> helped me get into my bridesmaid dress. Client for life!


Rachel is an amazing personal trainer; she has a vast amount of knowledge in her field and> applies it specifically to your needs. She pushes you harder than you think you can go!!! She is the only reason I make it to the gym!


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Emilia Rose – Our first 3 months

Wow I can't believe my little girl is 3 months old, well as this post is a little late almost 4 months actually. Emilia has been in our lives for almost 16 weeks now and I couldn't imagine life without her in it. The first few days and weeks are all a bit of a blur....

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Post Natal Fitness with Speedbump Activewear

During my pregnancy I tried to stay as active as possible & I always knew I wanted to get back to exercising as soon as possible once my baby was born, and thanks to Speedbump Activewear I am ready to. There are so many benefits to getting back into exercise after...

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