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My name is Rachel Calter and I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger based in Manchester, UK. This site is my little piece of the internet to share my passion with you. I blog about all things Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle. I hope to inspire people to enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle!

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Personal Trainer Manchester | Rachel Calter

I love my Personal Training sessions! Rachel has supported me from day one with exercises and advice. I am not a lover of the gym but Rachel makes it fun and helped me get into my bridesmaid dress. Client for life!


Rachel is an amazing personal trainer; she has a vast amount of knowledge in her field and applies it specifically to your needs. She pushes you harder than you think you can go!!! She is the only reason I make it to the gym!


Latest News

Guest Post – How to get healthy on a Budget

Fitness doesn’t just involve exercise, whilst that does aid the building of muscles and have other benefits to your body, what you eat has just as big an impact. Your body requires the right nutrition to stay healthy and slim, and whilst so many of us believe this has...

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Pregnancy Weight Gain

Gaining weight in pregnancy is unavoidable.  But as someone who has had weight and body image issues before the prospect was quite daunting for me.  I knew my changing body would be something I would have to deal with but I wanted to be prepared. Whilst I...

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Fruit Infusions – Making Water Fun!

As the weather hopefully starts to get warmer and the sun maybe makes an appearance, it is important to stay hydrated.  But water can get super boring. So trying some fruit infusions may be the perfect way to make it taste better.  Staying hydrated also has...

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